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What an honor to be in the setting of Muskegon's newest experience for music The Starlight Room for a special edition of Muskegon Tonight Live!  Located on Airline Road, The Starlight Room is in the perfect spot for all of West Michigan to enjoy an intimate concert experience or an artist to record a live or studio recording on premium equipment in a setting like no other.  We like the space for all of it.  A close feel for the audience, a chance to be there "at the beginning" and a chance to help a new place flourish. 


Muskegon Tonight Live in July was pre taped. Yes, we prefer the whole hit the gas and go approach, but for a first run, we agreed to record. The Michigan Irish Music Festival is the order of business this month as it's getting closer and closer to the end of summer, and when September rolls around, you're going to want to make plans to be a part of one of the largest Irish Music Festivals in the United States.   The music is amazing at the festival as you'll hear with Blackthorn who will be giving an exclusive live performance on the show a bit later.

We begin with Tom Schaub.  Tom is a long time part of a LOT of amazing things in Muskegon.  He's a founding member of the organization that brought the Michigan Irish Music Festival to the forefront and he shares his history with us that goes all the way back to when the Seaway Festival ended and Summer Celebration began.  While things change and the way that events are packaged and marketed, Tom has been one of a few key people in Muskegon who have never, never given up and always looked to find a way to make something happen.  His leading by example has been astonishing, and to speak to a living encyclopedia of all things Muskegon festivals, it's a great chat. 

Dan Beckett joins us next.  The Starlight Room is his dream come true.  An avid music fan and player, his dream is to help expose artists to a premium experience that they can share with fans in the secluded setting and have a professional recording at the end of it.  You will not find a cooler spot to see a band and the sound is incredible with the investments that have been made into technology there.  The schedule is full and the tickets are available so after you get a peek at the venue watching our show, make sure you head out to see more!

Blackthorn wraps us up this month.  They came in to play a show at McGraft Park and since we were recording early, they gave us an exclusive set that will be sure to get you in the mood for the Michigan Irish Music Festival this September.  You won't see this anywhere else but the Muskegon Channel.

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