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Marie is back with her astrological forecast for July on Muskegon By the Stars!!  It's a great chance to see where things are heading with destiny if you believe in that kind of thing.  Maybe you're just a coincidence person, you could see if things just happen by chance. 



Here is the latest Muskegon by the Stars forecast! As promised here is part two of Chiron. If you remember, Chiron transits show us opportunities for healing and being healed, by addressing and releasing deep-seated psychic pain or old emotional wounds.

Here is what Chiron in Aries means for the signs Libra through Pisces:

LIBRA: During this time, your close personal relationships or business partnerships may change and become a cause for suffering if not addressed. Issues that may have been disregarded for a long time re-surface, forcing you to reflect how you relate in these interactions. Issues of self-concept and feelings of acceptance or rejection by others also come under scrutiny. These hidden wounds of the psyche are coming into conscious awareness in order for healing to occur. It may be that you have or form a relationship with a person; who has the capacity to heal these darker aspects; or you may provide the healing role.

SCORPIO: During this transit, you may become aware of limitations in the areas of health, organizational detail, or service to others. Possibly you have been of service to others in a way that hides your true self. Sometimes it is easier to do something for another person than to honor your own process. Buried pain remembrances may be preventing you from organizing your life freely. Current events may bring them to the surface but moving through these difficult issues is necessary in order to share your creative side with others as well as take care of your own needs.

SAGITTARIUS: Your sense of self-expression, your own individual creativity, or possibly your relationship with your children, will be up for a period of re-examination. Old wounds concerning your self-esteem may rise up again to haunt you. These issues are coming up for you at this time for the purpose of getting past the superficial and move towards the real meaning of your soul's evolution. The old way of self-expression will no longer serve you. It may be painful to realize that you must make changes but this process will transcend old wounds that have limited you from living up to your full potential.

CAPRICORN: This transit will bring focus on reassessing and changing your home environment or how you regard yourself. You may be drawn to explore your roots, both emotional and physical at this time. This can be a time when you revisit buried issues from childhood or early parental care. Situations may rise that cause you to explore these buried feelings for the first time in years, hopefully for the purpose of moving through and healing them. Your home environment may also be the cause of problems. Understanding that this process is beneficial will enable you to let go of things that no longer serve you.

AQUARIUS: During this transit, your communication with other people may come under analysis. It’s possible that old wounds involving communication with childhood peers reemerge and cause concern. These issues may be brought to the surface by current events or situations. The real purpose for their re-emergence is to work through and heal them. Situations may arise that call into question your beliefs or cause you to doubt yourself, especially as it relates to communicating. If you are willing to just let the changes happen this can be a time of great joy and a renewed sense of commitment to your own process.

PISCES: This transit will focus on your deeply held values and monetary resources; which may change during this time. You may become focused on the issues of money and material possessions. Chiron wounds centering on issues of self-reliance versus the care of others could come up. Seeing these issues in a new light may have a healing effect on your present-day existence. Your health may also be a source of focus, so strive to pay attention to what is good for the body. Your path now is to make proper use of your own resources and material goods, and to re-evaluate more positively the meaning of these things in your life.

That wraps up Chiron in Libra through Pisces. Next time I’ll take a step back; way, way back, and give a short history of astrology from the ancient Chaldeans to modern astrology. Be sure to stop in and check it out! Until then, please remember…”The stars impel they do not compel and what you do is really up to you.” Namaste.

Thanks for watching the Muskegon Channel! See you next time on Muskegon by the Stars! For information, questions, or comments, feel free to contact me at one of my Facebook pages: www.facebook.com/gypsyswan777 or www.facebook.com/paranormalmuskegon


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