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The motorcycles are still more than welcome if you found Downtown Muskegon to your liking this past weekend and would like a little more.  We can't promise a world of flashy stunts or a bunch of bikini clad women or leathered up biker guys, BUT! We can offer you a great time with an amazing organization called the Disability Network West Michigan and one of the area's premiere live attractions when it comes to live music, Flexadecible!  You know we're talking about Party in the Park Friday night. 


Will Wilson is the Executive Director of the Disability Network West Michigan and joins us today to talk about their organization and how they work to help individuals with a limitation as well as communities to better understand how making a life that is independent is a reward for everyone.  Taken from their website - "Disability Network West Michigan is committed to accessibility, inclusion, and diversity while being consumer directed and accountable. Our mission is to advocate, educate, empower, and provide resources for persons with disabilities. We promote accessible communities, fulfilling our vision of ensuring that accessibility is an accepted civil right."

What sets Disability Network a part from others is their approach.  In working with them on multiple levels over the years from being a municipal board member to participant in some of their other endeavors, to see how Disability Network values the art of education over intimidation and the willingness to walk the walk internally with some of their staff wo have some challenges their clients face, they are an amazing group of people who's commitment to making things awesome for everyone is steadfast and true.  We are so very fortunate to have an organization like this based in and serving Muskegon and surrounding counties.

The fun gets underway at 5 at Hackley Park Friday night July 28th and volunteers are still needed!  If you'd like to pitch in CLICK HERE to volunteer.  We'll see you Friday at Hackley Park!  



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