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It wasn't long ago that we had a farewell episode to Pepper.  Pepper was Paula Smith's dog and part of the Dog Blessed family.  Well, this week, it's an introduction to Ella!  Ella was surrendered by her previous owner and through their network of friends, it was thought that Paula might be a great match for this wonderful girl, but there are some steps to take in advance of any adoption. 



It's about the dog being adopted for sure, but to do it right, there's a number of things to consider in advance.  Loving dogs is great, but it's really not what is all needed to be known in advance of a new adoptee coming home.  How are the living conditions?  What is it like there with other animals and how will they get along?  Kids in the home?  How is the outdoor space?  These are common questions but the conversation this week is where you'll find the bulk of the information between these two very established pet people!

Paula and Jodi talk in-depth about rehoming a dog and some of what should go into that decision this week, plus you get to meet Ella!

Our thanks to Must Love Dogs in Grand Haven and Clock's Timeless Pets for their sponsorship of Dog Blessed.


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