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It was in the middle of a pandemic that we first met Robert Michael.  Bobby as his friends call him presented us an opportunity to feature his film "Heartprints in the Snow" which is a documentary about his youth and his families sport of sled dog racing.  Bobby is from Michigan and at the time, really just wanted to share the movie as things were a little slow and seeing movies, was a little difficult.  Today, you'll find "Heartprints in the Snow" on Apple TV, and you'll find Bobby here with us, because his next movie is ready for a Michigan premiere, with an incredible return gift to us.



Building connections and amplifying things is kind of what we do.  We kept in close contact with Bobby and as preparation for the next project began, Bobby reached out and said, "We'd like to make your parent company Executive Vice Producers".  Sitting there stunned...thinking the realization of O'Riley Media Group stamped on everything to do with a Hollywood movie production takes a minute to sink in.  It's an ode to commitment and doing things right however and to see something like that.....rolling ahead of a movie?  Literally unbelievable for some kid who just wanted to be on the radio someday when he was little.  Bobby, thank you so much.

On to "Oblivious".  We're going to premiere this film Friday August 4th on demand and it will run until Sunday August 6th at Midnight.  It's a very limited run and an awful lot of work has gone in to make sure this can happen.  Why?  Well, there's a big writers strike in the biz.  It's an important strike too as you'll hear in our discussion for the creativity and process of everything entertainment is what is being stood up for and reliance on AI cannot replace the human mind when it comes to creativity.  We've been granted unpaid public access to this film for one weekend.  That's even the boiler plate language on the steps it took to make this happen.

"Oblivious" is a paranormal drama with a twist.  Don't always assume that paranormal is out to scare you to death.  From the website Scaretissue.com -  "Oblivious, the latest feature from GEEPAK Entertainment (Regional Emmy Nominee for Heartprints in the Snow) adds Naomi Grossman, Vanessa Lauren Gamble, and Robert Michael to star in the paranormal drama! Other stars include Critics Choice Award winner Nikki Blonsky, Jennifer Ingrum, Roz Stanley, Daniel Hall, and Paul Sinacore.

Oblivious is a paranormal feature drama focused on a woman, Claire (Vanessa Lauren Gamble), grappling with a return of a deadly illness. Unfortunately, its return is likely terminal. She and her husband Collin (Robert Michael) return to her family’s cabin for a peaceful weekend to de-stress before beginning aggressive treatment and are guided by paranormal forces to accepting and making peace with the likely outcome."

Pop some corn, get a box of Milk Duds and put on your jammies this weekend at some point and join us for the Michigan promiere from one of our own, Roaber Michael and friends as we are all treated to an amazing treat not afforded to many.  Our very own premiere of "Oblivious" on demand on the Muskegon Channel online and on the Muskegon Channel for Roku and Amazon Fire TV. 

See the full trailer for "Oblivious" in the video below.