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We're down to the final couple of Friday nights for the Party in the Park at Hackley Park in Downtown Muskegon.  It's one of those magic parts of summer where we all stand here scratching our head and asking "Where did that go?"  Well, as Sinatra said - "The summer wind, came blowin' in...." and it's going to be blowing out pretty soon.  Kids will be back in school and after that, we'll be back inside eagerly awaiting the return of the warmth and fun of the few months we get to hang out and help out.  Which works out good...because at Party in the Park this week, there's a BIG focus on kids and the hanging out....well, we've all got that down pretty good.  The West Michigan Speedskating Club is the organization that reaps the benefits and the music comes from none other than Brenden Moore.  Mark Jastrzembski is the head of the Speed skaters.  Let's catch up!  


Speed skating is an amazing sport to watch and to participate, some kids begin as soon as they can walk.  The level of athleticism as well as grace it takes to compete in what is basically NASCAR in skates is intense and very high speed.  It's also an incredible commitment to a healthy lifestyle and physical fitness, because to remain competitive, it's a lot of aerobics, strength and cardio going into make the movement that propels people around that circle.  What's incredible about the West MI Speed Skating Club is that the first three lessons are free to see if there's enough interest to advance your child on and if there is....the message is that they are there to only have fun until the 10th grade....by then, the fun involves going for the win, so the focus shifts to performance and competition a little more.  "Mad Mark" as he's known by the kids and families he's been with since the club began puts his heart and soul into this to keep kids, healthy, active and most of all occupied!  Away from what could get them in to trouble. 

The Party in the Park.  Back down to that idea of 2 left to go.  That's all there is.  It's a great way to gather and hang out and catch up on everything going on around town.  This week will have a real focus on kids as Mark pointed out in the video, there will be lots of opportunities for them to win prizes.  The music is country this week with Brenden Monroe who's recently put some cred behind that name playing down at one of the smaller stages at the Faster Horses Festival so yoo know that's going to be spot on.  Beer's going to be cold, food is going to be great and that summer wind.....let it blow the last couple of weeks the Downtown Muskegon way.   We'll see you at Party in the Park Friday night.  

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