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Acting is more than meets the eye.  There's an awful lot of development and time that goes in to being in a production be it on the stage or the screen.  Those skills are honed over time in an environment where it's easy to be intimidated by those who have a little more experience than you do or those who don't understand the steps it takes to be able to become a character other than self.  In Muskegon, we've got just that happening with the Actors Workshop of West Michigan and they are having their debut performance this weekend at the Playhouse at White Lake.  


Adam Bell founded the Actors Workshop of West Michigan in 2022 based on the time he spent with the Actors Workshop of Sacramento.  The idea being to create a space where those who wish to get in the game when it comes to acting can grow and nurture their passion in a "safe space" where others can share ideas and best practices and help develop the pipeline of those who want to carry on the craft.  There is no cost to be a part of the workshop which meets on Thursdays at 7p at the First Presbyterian Church on Sherman and Wickham in Muskegon.   

Their first production is "The Book of Will".  From Lauren Gunderson's website - "Without William Shakespeare, we wouldn’t have literary masterpieces like Romeo and Juliet. But without Henry Condell and John Heminges, we would have lost half of Shakespeare’s plays forever! After the death of their friend and mentor, the two actors are determined to compile the First Folio and preserve the words that shaped their lives. They’ll just have to borrow, beg, and band together to get it done. Amidst the noise and color of Elizabethan London, The Book of Will finds an unforgettable true story of love, loss, and laughter, and sheds new light on a man you may think you know."  The reviews of both the story and the historical significance of this production are outstanding and it's understandable why a growing theater company would pick this as a place to begin.  Shakespeare and theater are quintessential to one another.  

There will be two evening and two matinee performances this weekend at the Playhouse at White Lake.  To enjoy the surroundings of the beautiful theater and enjoy the once in a lifetime opportunity of seeing a theater company put on it's first production is and opportunity not to be missed.  It's a gift of love and passion to begin, develop and run a theater company, let alone one that brings in the unexperienced and gives them a chance to be a part of a lifetime dream.  GRAB SOME TICKETS and go enjoy an evening of the arts with the Actors Workshop of West Michigan. 



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