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This is a bit of an emotional episode of Dog Blessed.  We'll let you know that right away.  We're dealing with the loss of a pet this week and Jodi and Paula are both fairly versed on the topic as they have had to deal with saying goodbye to pets recently.  They share some steps and some thoughts on grief before and after a pet is gone and there are some rather frank discussion points that may be a little difficult for some as the actual process to euthanize  a pet is brought up.  Please be advised of that if you listen. 



Grief is a process. It's something that we as humans all manage differently but it's not exclusive to our species.  We can help one another through the loss of a friend, family member or acquaintance but as we all know too, a pet is so much more to many than just an animal that shares a space.  A pet is a family member and quite often, there might be more than one, so we have to factor in the idea that a loss of one pet might leave the others wondering where their friend went.  

It's a deep and touching discussion this week between Jodi and Paula on the reality of the idea that as much as we wish, a pet can't last forever.  The signs of old age and inability to live the best life they can begin to show and the long process of decision making comes into play.  How do you cope with that?  Are there helpful ways or places to get some information?  How do you you help others understand the loss and where to you turn for the final moment when there can't be anymore visits to the vet?  They do an amazing job sharing their grief, but also their experience, strength and hope to help you understand that an end, while sad can also be a way to set forth a new beginning of memories and cherished moments between you and your pet that will live on inside forever.

Here are some links to the books that Jodi and Paula discussed.


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