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It was a night for us we relished in.  We were invited to the Unruly Brewing Company to do a special show all around the Burning Foot Beer Festival coming up on August 26th at Pere Marquette in Muskegon.  The festival kicks off at 3p and goes till 10 and you'll have the opportunity to sample different craft beers from 100 breweries from around the Midwest!  It's an experience that only Muskegon can pull off and as the festival has grown since it's inception, so has the impact of the crowd it draws and the elevation of our entire community when it comes to tourism. 



Our first guests were James Saville and Shawn Webster.  James is the Director of IT for the festival and Shawn is brand new to the organization and his role is to help spread the word about what's going on through social media channels.  He's been dubbed "The Hype Man".  Not much is needed by the way of "hype", 100 breweries sampling their crafts on the shores of Lake Michigan seems to sell itself, but Shawn has a pretty good reach into newer channels to get the word out, so let's get him going. James and Shawn discuss the history of the event as well as this years plans.  Julian Marley will be the headline entertainment on the beach sending out some pretty awesome "One Love" vibes while the eyes of West Michigan are all on us.

Next, we have a visit from one of the founders of Unruly Brewing Company.  Eric Hoffman is a partner and the Brew Master of all of the creations that Unruly offers.  He shares a pretty rich history of the brewery including the earliest days of their work and even the limitations they had when they first moved into Downtown Muskegon.  Believe it or not, there was a time that they could only rent a portion of the building and had a line painted on the floor that patrons couldn't step over.  The growth and presence has been phenomenal and to help applauded the success is an honor for us.  

Finally, we welcome Laura Holmes.  Laura was the founder of Fine Line Creative and recently merged with Leverage Marketing.  Laura, is one of those who makes this town move...and how and in her different roles with events like Burning Foot Beer Festival and Michigan Irish Music Festival, she and her team help amplify the already awesome and help breed success far and wide to make great things happen.  Laura is also an accomplished travel blogger, an outdoor adventurer and deep believer in all things Muskegon.  It was an honor to have her join us tonight.

Our next Muskegon Tonight Live will be at The Starlight Room on August 24th.  You can CLICK HERE to get on the guest list and join us for another great night of local talk and entertainment on the Muskegon Channel.  You can also watch the replays of Muskegon Tonight Live on demand on the Muskegon Channel for your Roku or Amazon Fire TV device!  It's a free download from your channel store. 

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