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This month I thought it might be helpful to give a thumbnail history of astrology.

People have been looking up into the heavens since the dawn of time as a source of inspiration and guidance; by some estimation for at least 30,000 years. Ancient people noticed that there seemed to be correspondences between the movements of the heavenly bodies and life here on the Earth. Over the eons, it evolved from simple cave drawings to the complex mathematical systems in use today. The ancient saying "as above, so below" highlighted the connection between the different levels present in astrology. This apparent unity between humankind and the surrounding cosmos is integral to the practice of astrology.

Although some might think that in this day and age any connection between earthly life and the movements of the Sun, Moon, and planets is flawed, others feel that there seems to be a true correspondence between them if one is willing to look. This ancient practice started out as an early science, which of course led to the science of astronomy. Astrology is now considered a philosophy. However, whether you consider it science, philosophy or nonsense; one could study the subject for a lifetime and would still have more to learn. A birth chart is like taking a picture of the planets on the exact moment of one’s birth and can be a practical guide to the development of one’s own unique energies and life path. Many more people are having birth charts done now, owing to online availability and ease of casting a chart.
With that in mind, here is what the Stars over Muskegon have in store for us:

The Sun is just finishing up its path through Leo where the focus has been on what was achieved and how well the fruits of your labors were used to benefit the community. The results of this will form the basis of a new approach over the ensuing month.

The Moon in Libra in 12th house might have some feeling a bit dreamy, or just not feeling like doing any adulting over the next few days. Might be a good time to find a comfy chair and curl up with a good book.
While the Libran moon may have you out of sorts, Mercury in Virgo brings some excellent energy to focus on your ideals for social progress. You may feel pulled to express yourself in group activities rather than personal relationships.

Venus in Leo in the 10th house brings focus on the career front and new directions in your career may manifest for this period of time, lasting about three weeks, possibly in terms of artistic or creative activities. You may even feel quite ambitious in these areas.

Virgo in Mars may have some feeling more tired, sensitive or withdrawn for a few weeks. There is also the potential for making the wrong impression or feeling somewhat out of touch with things. May be best to just ride this one out and just focus on some self-care.

Jupiter will be in Taurus for the about the next year. With this transit, there will be renewed enthusiasm surrounding partnerships and the role they play. Things will tend to work out easier when dealing with others and there are good opportunities for progress in relationships.

The Saturn in Pisces energy that will last for the next two to three years brings added emphasis on self-acceptance although there is the potential for blockages in expressing yourself. The lesson here is to discover your true self and learn to love the person that you find in the process.

With Uranus in Taurus one’s entire approach to relationships may be changing. Some may sense the need for changes in the areas of partnership and interpersonal relationships. There may be an urge for freedom and The need to express more of your individuality may be irresistible.

Neptune in Pisces brings focus on the desire to help others. Those in the helping professions or have interests in alternative medicine may make great progress during this time.
Pluto in Capricorn in the fourth house brings the emphasis on the home environment or ones’ feelings regarding the self. Fundamental beliefs may be called into question or undergo changes. This is a chance to gain a renewed sense of security and stability.

Well that wraps up the star report for August. Next time will be another forecast for the individual signs. Until then, please remember…”The stars impel they do not compel and what you do is really up to you.” Namaste.
Thanks for watching the Muskegon Channel! See you next time on Muskegon by the Stars!

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