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It’s always great when Paranormal Muskegon can meet and chat about ghosts and all things mysterious and spooky; so when I was introduced to Jody Varso-Suits and found out she was not only interested in the paranormal; she was very much a part of it. Jody related that since a young child, she not only could see the spirits of the departed, she also had premonitions about those close to her. Oftentimes these premonitions were of tragic circumstances, which of course affected Jody greatly. It is one thing to foresee future events when they do not personally affect you; but it is a different story when these events involve one’s own family, so these can be quite profound.

After having these mysterious experiences throughout her lifetime, Jody wanted to find answers to the how and why these things happen; as well as trying to help others who have had similar experiences. Thus, she decided to start her own paranormal investigation teamwith her three daughters, Christina McTeer, and Kaleb DeWard : Mystic Chics Paranormal. It wasn’t long before this dynamic group of ladies started investigating the paranormal, some of which involved their own home. Once Jody captured what she believed was her father’s voice on videotape. One recent investigation involved using the Estes Method. This ground-breaking method of spirit communication has been around for about seven years. Developed in Estes, Colorado in 2016, by Karl Pfeiffer, Connor Randall, and Michelle Tate; it uses a spirit box as well as sound and visual blocking equipment. Two people, one acting as a questioner, the other a receiver; attempt to pick up messages believed to be from the beyond. The person acting as receiver places the sensory deprivation equipment on while the other asks questions. Being unable to hear the questions while listening to white noise is theorized to enhance the receiver’s ability to channel messages from the spirit world. Jody relates that during a recent investigation, she acted as receiver using the Estes method and was able to pick up on some very remarkable spirit energies during the experiment.

In speaking with her, Jody is a very genuine, insightful individual. She is also sincere in her resolve to find answers to what lies beyond the veil; both for herself as well as others who are experiencing things they cannot explain. This is the attitude that is welcomed in the paranormal field. In addition to keeping an open mind in quest to find knowledge, having someone that also has insight, compassion and a true desire to benefit others is what will help her go far in the field.

Our thanks to Jody for chatting with us today and look forward to seeing what Mystic Chics Paranormal has in store for it in the future.

For more information, contact them at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. They have also started a Youtube channel where they will soon be posting their videos: Mystic chics paranormal - YouTube You can follow them on Instagram: @mysticchicsparanormal and on Facebook at www.facebook.com/mysticchicsparanormal.

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