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After a huge week with her guest Pilley Bianchi, Jodi is taking some time this week to talk directly to you about the best ways to love and share love with your pet.  This is a great episode that you don't want to miss. 



The love of a pet goes two ways, and if you follow Jodi's advice in this episode, your relationship with your pet will grow by leaps and bounds.  There are all kinds of ways to nurture a relationship with your pet but it begins mostly with your interaction.  Remember a positive tone and a rewarding, happy experience will more often than not result in an easier acceptance of direction.  It's in the engagement and application of your relationship that it all begins.  From there, work toward more difficult things.  Jodi is going to walk you right up to the idea that a dog can recognize a color depending on their visual spectrum.  Pretty awesome.

Another element of the relationship....like anything, inclusion.  If you are picking activities you enjoy, include you pet!  Walking, hiking, boat rides.  Jodi even kayaks with Olaf.  There are so many different ways to deepen the relationship you have with your pet, and this weeks episode is a one on one talk with one of the masters of the craft in building a lifetime of love with a pet. 

Our thinks to Clock Timeless Pets and Must Love Dogs Pet Boutique in Grand Haven and we're very thankful for their support of Dog Blessed. 

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