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A uniquely freaky experience in Muskegon?  I think that's how we described Puzzle's Oddities and Ends when we first met Ambrosia Huber who runs the artisan shop off Apple Avenue.  It is remarkably unique for sure, and with Ambrosia's love of all things odd, she's not only kept the place going, she's expanded to offer over 80 artists a place to showcase and sell their creativity and given us all a little slice of something very "big city" in a smaller town like Muskegon. 


When you pull up, the first giveaway might be that a Hearse is parked in the front. Not to worry, Ambrosia and her main squeeze both drive them. They are actually in a club of Hearse owners.  First step in the place....you're going to see caskets, mannequins, retired church relics and some stuff in formaldehyde under the counters.  Yes, this is the "oddities" part of the name of the store.  Hey, people are into all kinds of weird things, and if you find your tribe....run with it.  As you walk the store, it's a collection of some antiques, some handmade crafts.  Creepy dolls?  Oh ya!  Made creepier by the artists that make their own interpretation of them.  Maybe some jewelry made out of bone...maybe it's knives pounded out of rail road spikes.  Unique, interesting and yes....odd awaits you at 957 Brookhaven CT. 

Just because things are a little odd, well, that doesn't take away from Ambrosia's kindness or that of the artists she works with.  In October, they are having a couple of opportunities to bring you into the fold (if you dare) and they are putting some purpose behind it to help out the Heaven Can Wait shelter.  Friday, October 13th they are part of the Haunted Art Party at Fricano's along with the Doo Gallery.  A Halloween theme Art Show and Costume Party.  Paintings, Photos, Sculptors and other forms of art.  Almost 20 artists displaying their work and lots of fun with costume contests a DJ keeping things fun, a full bar and more!  Saturday, October 14th, things move to Puzzle's Oddities and Ends for their Spookyfest 2023!  The annual festival for spooks of Muskegon. There will be twenty vendors outside the building and the shop will still be open. There is a pumpkin decorating contest people will be voting on to raise funds for Heaven Can Wait Animal Rescue. There will also be a raffle to raise funds for them. Costumes and candy are encouraged. There will be candy at the front counter for sure.

It might not be everyone's exact cup of tea, but Ambrosia is building and supporting an entire community with her shop.  She's also very understanding of the importance of giving back and making sure needs are met.  It's a very unique and fun experience to stop in, so next time you're out on Apple or, maybe consider the Spookyfest for a visit, stop and see Ambrosia...and enjoys some oddities and ends!

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