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Paranormal Muskegon is always looking interested in learning more about the mysterious and mystical side of life; anything from angels to UFOs and anything in between and few can think of anything more mysterious and mystical than magic. For thousands of years, people have been drawn to the glamorous world of magic; where the veil between what is real and what is not becomes lost in the mist of belief. For years people would sit in rapt wonder as magicians performed their mystifying feats of illusion. These feats, though captivating, used misdirection, props and sleight of hand to perform seemingly wondrous acts of magic. Thus, since time immemorial, people have wondered: Is magic real? An excellent question….which may not have an easy answer. Real magic is said to be using powers or abilities believed to be supernatural to affect a change; either in the environment or a situation.

Several years ago I had the pleasure of speaking with one of the area’s foremost experts on the subject; Mark NeCamp, Jr. Mark is a healer, author, poet, teacher, spiritual alchemist, and modern day student and practitioner of the Art. He is the author of the upcoming work “Energy Magick,” by Moon Books Publishing. He also teaches classes using magic as a tool for personal growth. He is passionate for how we each can, through the alchemical process, turn our spiritual lead into gold as individuals and as a global community. He has led many community groups in the Midwest; and taught at events such as Pagan Unity Festival, ConVocation, Starwood, Paganicon and many others. Mark is the author of the upcoming work Energy Magick, by Moon Books Publishing,

Last time Mark shared some key points about the origins and use of magic and also discussed the theory of ley lines. On this visit he went into more depth on the art, what it is and how it works; as well as a teaser about his new book, “Energy Magick.” That which was probably understood as magic by the ancients today could be more aptly described as the process by which energy is directed as well as how to direct and use those energy fields. Mark has an in depth knowledge of those energy fields and the alchemical process. While these ideas are often hard to grasp, Marks has an exceptional way of explaining the concepts to make them easy to understand. In explaining how one would go about getting rid of negative energy of a space. Mark gave a fascinating example of how he would go about it. He explains that he envisions opening a portal with his hands along with the intention of sending this negative energy through this portal to where it needs to go. This specific method of affecting energy, while probably not commonly used by the majority of people; seems to have made it into popular media culture. One can see it being depicted in several recent movies and shows; where magical practices are being used.

Mark said that in addition to his many years of study of magick as well as his direct experience; he gained much knowledge and wisdom from his mentors; some of whom have passed on. Now that torch has been passed to him and now it is time that he passes on what he has learned to help others. He states that with so many people now attempting to work with energy fields but not yet having the tools or understanding to do so without harming themselves or others, he feels that he has much to offer by becoming a mentor.

So do you believe in Magic? For this question, one may only need to believe in order for magic to be true. It is often through life’s struggles that we look for the truth beyond the veil, into those misty, transient corridors of the supernatural. It is there that we may seek to hold onto the possibility that magic is indeed real.

We’re very grateful to Mark for once again sharing his knowledge and insight with Paranormal Muskegon.  Some of the services Mark offers are house clearings, moving spirits on, exorcisms and advice on general magickal matters. If you would like more information on his classes and services, he can be contacted at: https://www.marknecampjr.com  Energy Magick will be available from Moon Books. You can pre-order it on Amazon or Barnes & Noble. It will be released May 1, 2024 (Beltane).

Thank you for watching the Muskegon Channel. See you next time on Paranormal Muskegon.
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