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If you missed on on the Dog Blessed Fall Fest, have no fear!  Jodi is here and is ready to bring you some highlights of the weekend including some of the sounds you might hear under a steel roof with a heavy rain coming down!  It's certainly fall in Michigan, but Jodi has three great guests that were part of the festival to help share their passion for pets and pet people!



Christina Bitson joins first from Newaygo 4-H!  Did you know that 4-H has a program focused on dogs?  Anything from training to agility and obedience comes in to play when the 4-H leaders work with young people to help them learn the importance of proper care of animals.  4-H in and of itself is a highly respected and long trusted name in anything agriculture and to know that they extend the knowledge and desire to teach in the the domestic pet arena, it shouldn't really come as a surprise to many.  It's also an AMAZING way to lure young people into the essentials of knowing animals.  Let's face it, domestic pets are great, but without AG and the understanding that 4-H brings, we and our pets are going to go hungry.  It's an amazing beginning into the world of animals for young people on a level they can be comfortable at, and grow from.

Next, a visit from Velvet, Tyler and Rayna from Big Lake Humane!  Fall safety tips are the first order of business with Velvet.  It's important to remember essentials toxins that animals might be tempted to nibble on in the out of doors.  A leaf that fell might smell great to a dog, but it also might make them sick.  Next!  It's getting darker, earlier.  Remember reflective gear, maybe lights or blinking things to help you stand out if you're out walking or playing.  Rayna is just there to be adopted, take a good look.

Finally, Tom Lyon from the LASSI Organization.  LASSI is an acronym for Local Animal Shelter Support Incorporated and they assist the Oceana County Animal Shelter which is located in Shelby.  The goal is to provide emergency care for an animal in the shelter where most families looking for a pet from a shelter might not have the means to help them with extensive care.  That drops the "adoptability" for a shelter pet considerably and LASSI works to provide that care for the pet.  

Our thanks to Clock Timeless Pets and Must Love Dogs Pet Boutique for their support of Dog Blessed on the Muskegon Channel.  

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