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We're taking a fall tour this week on Dog Blessed with Jodi Jarvis-Therrian and her friend Jill.  Where are we heading?  The middle of nowhere!  Why are we heading there?  A little time off the grid and a little time to enjoy the splendor of all things Michigan in the fall which is not only fun for people, it's fun for their pets too, but....you need to be ready to be in the middle of nowhere.  Preparation is key and that's what this weeks episode is all about.


Prepare for new surroundings. Yes, it's a relief to most people, but to pets...it might be a bit of an over stimulating experience.  While you're breaking up the "routine" the routine for a pet is kind of their expectation.  Ever notice how they are hungry about the same time daily?  How about how they magically know what time you come home?  This is part of their daily life and when the routine is changed, it's time to help with that in a few simple ways.  Make sure there's at least some familiarity along with you on a trip.  Familiar toys, their regular pet bed, a favorite food or water bowl.  All of these things offer a bit or respite from all the new things to see and smell.  A little bit of "home" sure helps.  Another thing to think about, how you interact.  Be reassuring and make it an adventure with your pet.  Let them know that it's ok and that you're right here with them.

Another very smart tip here, know where the closest emergency vet is.  If you are out a distance from a larger city, you may encounter some things that pets are just not used to.  Think about other animals that might not be around your house?  How about a dog eating something they should not?  Knowing where to go in an emergency is paramount to making sure that safety comes first.  

It's an informative and important discussion this week and we're very thankful to Clock's Timeless Pets and Must Love Dogs Boutique in Grand Haven for their support of Dog Blessed on the Muskegon Channel. 

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