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Marie Cisneros here with another Paranormal Muskegon interview! This time I had another fascinating chat with Rick Waid via Zoom. This is Rick’s second visit with us. We had him on the show a few years ago where he told us about his work as a paranormal investigator and how he got started with it all. This time he talked more about his work as a Remote Viewer, Seer and Past-Life reader. Rick is also the author of three books; “Awakening of a Seer, ” “My Paranormal Journey, One Man’s Obsession.” and “The Eleventh Child,” his newest book.

Rick explains that as a seer and past life reader he has the ability to “see” or “read” people’s energy and their past lives. He says in a way we relive our past lives and gives the example that if someone is afraid of water, it may be because they had drowned in a previous life; in effect reliving the same fears over and over. He says he can connect people’s past lives with dates, names, scenerios; even how they died in previous lives by “reading” the energy from their past life. He says people don’t often ask him to do past life readings; possibly because sometimes there are negative or tragic events in those past lives which many people do not wish to relive them.

Most of his seer work involves reading people’s energies and connecting people with loved ones who have passed over. He says typically people wishing a reading will give him the person’s name they wish to connect with and he will connect with the loved one’s energy. Amazingly he says he will “see” things from the past; even up to a thousand years ago! This all depends on the energy he receives. Sometimes he connects with a certain time frame or particular person from the past. He says this connecting with these past events often helps people to understand their current lives. He says when connecting with loved one who has passed over for a client; he “sees” many things about that loved one; for example how they passed, things that had been happening while they were alive as well as some of the emotions they had. Many times, he says, he connects with objects that were connected to that person. He says everyone has spirit guides; including loved ones who have passed on. He will connect with the client’s and loved ones guides as well as his own. Together they help him connect with the energy. Once he is given the past loved one’s first name, he can connect with the spirit guides who give him the information to relay. Many times he is able to confirm certain facts with the client as well as give them other information which helps to fill in the blanks for them; things they might not have known otherwise. He says he believes these readings are aid in the healing process for the individuals and help them to move on. Indeed this would be a source of comfort to those seeking support and healing in the grieving process. As such, Rick offers an important service to the bereaved. As always our chat with Rick was informative and inspiring. Paranormal Muskegon appreciates him taking the time to talk with us once again.

His new book, “Eleventh Child,” is sort of a memoir; including childhood memories; some that weren’t always pleasant. He also shares poignant teen memories as well as his time in the military and many other personal moments.  For information, or to book a reading, contact him on Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/rick.waid.77  His books are available at: https://www.amazon.com/Rick-Waid. 

If you have paranormal story you’d like to share with Paranormal Muskegon, contact Marie at https://www.facebook.com/paranormalmuskegon/ or https://www.facebook.com/gypsyswan777/
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