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We regularly hold 'honors' celebrations, each at a deliberate, daily pace, aiming to cast a spotlight on the remarkable achievements taking place within our community. Sharing these accomplishments is at the very core of our mission. While other organizations may employ different methods to highlight these achievements, our ultimate objective remains constant: to uplift the individuals, voices, and causes that define Muskegon's unique identity. Whether through the efforts of individuals or groups, if you haven't taken a moment to observe the remarkable transformation of the past decade, you're missing out on an awe-inspiring evolution.


The Muskegon Young Black Professionals was established as a social club, and its board members, Jocelyn Hines and Darius Mitchell recently joined me at the Coffee Factory.  Originally it served as a chance for people who are getting their feet planted in the working world to gather to talk about their experiences and to share what was going right, and where things could get better......the idea of bringing in speakers to help grown grow understanding of the working world and ways to improve resumes, cover letters, and provide professional headshots. MYBP also partnered with other organizations to host candidate forums to guide the selection of representatives who best aligned with the community's needs.

The Third Shades of Excellence Awards Ceremony  will be held at the Folkert Community Hub on November 11th.  It's a beautiful gala event and a fundraiser for the organization to continue their work.  Categories like; Emerging Professional, Social Impact, Homegrown Hero and Living Legend are some of the categories to be honored.  It's an A List of community members in an elegant setting with food and drinks and plenty of entertainment. It's a night not to be missed, and if you'd like tickets - CLICK HERE TO ORDER while they are still available.  

A trickle of honors like we do, or a one night flood of them filled with good times, good friends and good cheer?  We all have a lot to celebrate in Muskegon and with organizations like the Muskegon Young Black Professionals showing the way to their generation and the next....ahem.....bad dad joke coming......the future's so bright we gotta wear shades.  Get your tickets while you can for this great night. 

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