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It's a great time of year for the wonderful smells that come out of the kitchen.  Beginning with Thanksgiving and through the rest of the holidays, the traditions and flavors of all of our family heirloom dishes come out.  Imagine having a sense of smell up to 100 times stronger than a human?  Jodi is going to show you step by step this week on how to make delightful and healthy treats for your dog and where to source the ingredients to assure that your pet is getting something delicious and nutritious. 



Step by step this week, learn how to make healthy treats and even the peanut butter filling that will assure that your dog is getting more than just a snack, you're looking out for their overall well being and keeping in mind that some of the food products out there for pets are not as good as others.  Jodi is a firm believer that pet health begins with nutrition.  Not too different than humans in that realm.  From things to avoid to things to put in, there are more ways to make tasty treats and probably save a few bucks along the way and our pet expert is on it this week for you.

Remember, as the holidays approach, to keep food safety in mind around your pets.  What they can and can't have should be understood by your guests.  It's also important to remember about leaving things in places tempting to pets to "grab and go".  A turkey leg sitting out for an easy swipe might just be a little too tempting for a dog, but we all know that bones that soft are a no go.  Remember too things like chocolate or poinsettias are poisonous.  Keep your pet happy and safe this season.

Our thanks to Must Love Dogs Pet Boutique in Grand Haven and Clock's Timeless Pets for their sponsorship of Dog Blessed on the Muskegon Channel. 

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