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If you remember back, a week or so ago, LaKisha Harris welcomed Brian Sanders to the show to introduce him and share his remarkable story.  Brian made some mistakes in his earlier days and spent time incarcerated.  In this time away, Brian could have become a statistic, but he was touched in a way in prison that most are not and took the time for self improvement, education, leadership and plans for the future.  Working with what he and some others could access from the commissary or eventually a garden they were allowed to grow, Brian set forth on a plan to become a chef and make it stick once he got out.  He even found a way to add a little more flavor to life behind bars for the holidays concocting a juice blend.  He's here to share it with you today.   


Brian's Red Velvet Holiday Punch can be enjoyed with or without adding alcohol and it can also be sold to kids as a very special holiday drink if you add the garnishments that accompany the pleasing look of this blend.  Think about the looks on the faces of kids if their juice drink comes with an orange slice, a cherry and a couple of strawberries hanging on one of those little swords or frilly toothpicks!  You could of course garnish the adult beverages that way too, however, we all know how most adults are with a "cocktail".  Down the hatch. 

Brian is an incredible success story and to share his experience, strength and hope like he does is living proof that miracles are real and transformation is there for anyone who believes that there's a better life for them.  We have one more episode to go with Brian.  He's making a chicken wrap that you are going to make your families mouth water with for years to come!  Stay tuned!

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