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This is Marie Cisneros with the Muskegon Channel. Welcome back to Muskegon by the Stars! with the forecast for November.

November is a time of celebrating the harvest and is the recognition of what has come to fruition, what each of us has grown from the seeds we have planted over the past year, both in the material world as well as symbolically. At this time more than any we sense a strong connection to the earth and nature. This is also the time when we feel more drawn to the idea of family, with everyone together as a great collective, a time to acknowledge what we have accomplished and what has come to fruition in our lives as well as who is with us to appreciate our labors; a time of having gratitude and giving thanks. With the sun still being in Scorpio for the next few days, these energies are very much evident right now.

Here is the forecast for the signs:

ARIES: It is a good time for detail work of all kinds, and for sorting out what is truly important to you. You may feel things are in transition at this time and you prepare to move into a new phase.

TAURUS: At this time of the year, relationships of all kinds are emphasized. This can be a good time to focus on a marriage or other intimate partnership, or to forge new business alliances.

GEMINI: You love service to others right now and the gathering of the fruits of the material world. Benefits will increase from striving for good organization but not so much from taking on any new ventures.

CANCER: At this time, you are very creative, self-confident and assertive. You expect to be the center of attention and often are. You may find that this active self-expression can produce tangible results.

LEO: This can be a time of significant change as you reap the rewards of your contacts with others. Financial issues arising out of legal partnerships can also become important at this time.

VIRGO: This can be a pleasant time of the year for you as you gain comfort from your surroundings and enjoy the fruits of your labor. This is also a time to re-examine your values.

LIBRA: Information comes easily to you and is available for use right now. It is a good time to engage in important dialogues with loved ones, or in activities such as writing and planning for the future.

SCORPIO: Your focus tends to be on yourself as it is a time for engaging in activities that further your discovery of who you are as a unique individual. It is also a good time for a relaxing activity that interests you.

SAGITTARIUS: During this transit, you can be very inner oriented, summing up the past year's cycle. However, the preoccupation during this period will be the transition to a different state of being, a new level of awareness.

CAPRICORN: The fruits of your activities in the public sphere will be your focus now. What you have achieved, you are being called upon to use for the good of the community. On the other hand, what you have failed to achieve, you must learn from.

AQUARIUS: At this time career advancements are possible, and the opportunity is there for greater responsibility. Your relationship with your parents or with authority figures may also come into focus during this time.

PISCES: During this period of time you may feel the urge to travel, or to broaden your intellectual horizons. Contacts with other cultures may come up for you at this time as well, which may be of benefit to you.

Well that wraps up another Star report, I hope you found it helpful. Check back next month to see what the stars have in store for us in December! Until then, Please Remember…“The stars impel they do not compel and what you do is really up to you.” Namaste.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone. Thanks for watching the Muskegon Channel! See you next time on Muskegon by the Stars! For questions or comments, contact me at one of my Facebook pages: