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The Lakeside District is filled with exquisite shops and charm almost like no other neighborhood in Muskegon.  You'll find store fronts with windows to peek through, you will find hidden gems that you might have to look a little deeper for and you'll also find a quaint social district where you can grab a favorite beverage and stroll up and down taking in the sights and sounds.  As Muskegon has grown, so too has Lakeside and the small business owners there invite you out to a couple special occasions coming up.  Louise Hopson from the Art Cats Gallery is here to share the news. 


Lakeside is filled with small business.  Small Business Saturday is November 25th.  If you recall back to when Small Business Saturday started, it was just after the financial collapse in 2008 and it caused a great many of people to stop and think of the value of the smaller business to the economy and there was too a very large backlash from watching other business deemed "too big to fail" get handed fistful after fistful of money for them to stat afloat.  From auto manufacturers to the biggest banks, all were saved and thankfully, someone came up with a way to spur small business too.  It's an idea that seems to have not only stayed, but gained momentum.  In Muskegon, it's hard to find a more concentrated area of small business than Lakeside, so please remember the impact your money spent locally has and the difference it makes in the lives of the proprietors and their families. 

On to December 2nd!  Holidays in Lakeside!  Let's turn on the small town charm!  It's in abundance here.  From their Facebook event page - " Join Lakeside Merchants for their Annual Holidays in Lakeside Event! Shop our stores, Visit Santa, go for a Carriage Ride, check out our new Holiday Decorations, celebrate our Tree Lighting Eat, Drink and Be Merry".  It's a magnificent occasion to be part of the charm and graciousness you'll find in Lakeside and it's also a chance to see some of the new, wonderful murals that were painted in the crosswalks over the summer and you may even get a chance to check out the Tiny Rentals "resort" that's a really spectacular addition to the neighborhood.

The weekend, after that...oh no, we're not done.  The weekend after Holidays in Lakeside, Louise celebrates the anniversary of Art Cats!  We congratulate her on the continued success of her thriving passion for art, and artists. 

Check it all out over the next three weekends in the beautiful Lakeside Neighborhood in Muskegon, we welcome one and all for a remarkable celebration of the season and hope to see you soon. 

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