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The idea sprung a couple years ago that Muskegon had one of the most magnificent presentations on the planet to celebrate the holiday season and since it sold out year after year, how could we send a little holiday spirit around the world?  Couple of meeting were held, some decisions were made and The Muskegon Channel was given the opportunity to try and pull off the largest project we had done to date. 

We were rewarded with the unexpected.  That first year, we overloaded our system when 10,000 streams were open at once.  We were getting feed back from people watching on their phones driving through the "S Curve" in Grand Rapids.  We were stunned to fins out that a former exchange student who went to Mona Shores from Germany had rented the town theater to show it off to the entire community there.  We were humbled, thankful and proud.  Here's a snippet from a past performance you'll enjoy to get you primed up. 


The primary focus however is the performers in the tree.  The Mona Shores Choirs spend the better part of their academic careers building up to this one weekend where everything they have put in, comes out.  It's a level of dedication pout in like you'd see from any athlete or honor role student.  Hours of practice, years of team building and that moment to become part of the deep and rich history of the alums that have been such a special part of the tree.  Exclusivity in this club takes a lot of dedication.

In 2023, we're delighted to once again being you the show on demand.  We've learned from years past too that having one stream just isn't enough, so we've got 2.  If the first link to the stream doesn't work on December 2nd, go to the second and you should be fine.  The are carrying the identical feed, however due to internet speeds and served speeds, they might be a little off on perfect timing.  

There are still tickets left.  CLICK HERE TO VISIT THE FRAUENTHAL BOX OFFICE AND GET YOURS.  Seeing the tree on your screen is one thing, but to experience it in person is one of the most amazing things you'll ever be a part of. 

Here are the links to follow.  THIS IS THE LINK TO THE MUSKEGON CHANNEL FEED.  If that is overloaded, we have set up a special YOUTUBE FEED OF THE SINGING CHRISTMAS TREE.  You can add either or both to your favorites now.