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Life comes with plenty of surprises.  We all know this to be true.  Some are absolutely unavoidable, but others can be better managed if we think in advance of what could happen and what steps could be taken to help avoid some of the unforeseen circumstances we all face.  This week, it's Jodi, Jodi and Jodi, two of which are from Clock Timeless Pets and the discussion is all about planning for your pet. 


Bringing in a pet to the family is a wonderful thing.  If you are one to fly solo, a pet can be a companion that will last you a lifetime.  However, the message this week is that a pet.....is a commitment.  Not only for the routine, but for the things you might not think could go wrong with a pet.  Think about the idea that hip dysplasia could factor into the animals life.  How about heartworm or other long lasting illness?  We can focus all day on things that can go wrong with a pet, but we have to being in the human factor too.  What about you?  Let's say you have a major surgery.  How about a bad car accident?  How are you going to manage to care for your dog or cat should the worst case scenario play out?

Planning is the key.  Jodi Cock is so adamant about planning she's written books on the topic and as she and her husband Dale are in the funeral business they have seen first had over and over, for years what happens when plans are not made in advance.  For people, it can be a snarl or epic proportions when it comes to dividing up expenses and what's left from the loss of a loved one.  Not having a pre plan for a pet could cause your pet to be left alone at home for an uncertain amount of time while you're away getting taken care of if need be, or if something were to happen to you, who takes over for the care of your pet?

It's all discussed in great detail this week and while some conversations might be uncomfortable, like they say, an ounce of prevention (planning) will save you in the long run.  Our thanks to Jodi Clock and Jodilyn Furgeson for joining this week on Dog Blessed.   

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