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This is Marie Cisneros with the Muskegon Channel. Welcome back to Muskegon by the Stars with the forecast for December!

Generally the stars over Muskegon show that a Jupitor/Saturn trine is flowing easily and it’s a great time for progress towards far-reaching goals. It is also a good time to make plans for the future, as these will be realistic and workable. There is also an urge for self-transformation and regeneration being brought into consciousness and our connections with others. We may find that our style of communication with others to be more serious than usual for a period of time. A moon/chiron sextile may also bring up feelings related to transformation and growth. These energies will flow together, opening up new possibilities and new connections for healing and understanding.

Here is my forecast for the signs!

Aries, the sun in your ninth house brings emphasis on understanding and perception, You may feel the urge to travel or broaden your horizons. Contacts with other cultures may also come up for you at this time.

Taurus, this can be a time of great change, as you reap the rewards of your social contacts with others. Financial issues arising out of legal partnerships can also become important at this time.

Gemini, seventh house energies emphasize relationships. There may be more interest in making social contacts than in going it alone. The bottom line here is that we all need each other to survive and grow on this planet.

Cancer, it is a good time for detail work of all kinds and for sorting out what is truly important to you now. You may feel things are in transition at this time, and you prepare to move into a new phase.

Leo, metaphysical and spiritual values are important to you now, as well as mental activity in the service of high ideals. You may well feel the need to restructure your thinking on these parts of your life.

Virgo, your home is important to you and you may find that you stick close to your family and loved ones right now. Your emotions are more deeply felt, and you may tune in to other's emotional needs as well.

Libra, communication and your thought processes are emphasized now. You enjoy interactions with friends and associates. It is also a good time to engage in activities such as writing and planning for the future.

Scorpio, this can be a pleasant time of the year for you, as you gain comfort from your surroundings and enjoy the fruits of your labor. You may find yourself well rewarded for your efforts or preoccupied with material goods.

Sagittarius, this is a time to discover who you are as a unique individual. There is also great drive and physical energy and a tendency to push yourself forward constructively towards your goals.

Capricorn, you may be very inner oriented, summing up the past year. You may also be a bit moody as releasing the old can feel unsettling. It may be helpful to be more aware and accept the changes going on within you.

Aquarius, your activities in the public sphere will come into focus now. You may find that you are being asked to take a more responsible position in your community or other organization.

Pisces, career advancements are possible now, bringing opportunities for greater responsibility and commitment. It is also a great time to take stock of your life's direction, especially as it relates to public recognition.

Well that wraps up another Star report. Check back next month to see what the stars have in store for us in January and the New Year! Until then, Please Remember…“The stars impel they do not compel and what you do is really up to you.” Namaste.
Have a wonderful Holiday everyone. Thanks for watching the Muskegon Channel! See you next time on Muskegon by the Stars!
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