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This is Marie Cisneros with the Muskegon Channel. Welcome back to Paranormal Muskegon! Today I am doing something a little bit different by sharing a story from what I like to call the M-files. So, some of you may be aware that before delving into the weird world of the paranormal, I was a field investigator for the Mutual UFO Network, where I investigated UFO reports and other strange things. In doing so, I sometimes would come across some extremely intriguing reports. The M-files are reports and stories that I have collected from my years of research as well as from my time as a field investigator. The following is one that I happened to come across that really boggles my mind and might yours too. The Bean field entity case is a very bizarre report that seems to combine aspects of ufology, folklore as well as the paranormal. This incident happened on August 13, 1965 in Kent, Washington and was first reported to the UFO reporting Center.


It all began when three girls between the ages of 13 and 16 were dropped off by Donald Johnson, the father of two of the girls, Ellie Grace and Laura Jean Ryerson; at a bean field to help harvest the crop. As he drove away he noticed two unusual “individuals” walking alongside the road next to the bean field. As the girls walked along this same road after being dropped off, they also saw these strange “people.” The first one was described as being elf or gnome-like; small, grey and wearing a gray shirt and pants and a strange little hat. He was dancing and jumping around in front of the other entity as they got closer and closer to the girls. It was making a cackling noise that the girls thought sounded like laughter.

The other being, walking behind the first one, was about 5 feet tall with a very unusual head. His face was described as either grey or very tanned; with a bulging extension on the back of the head with pulsating veins showing through. There were large pores on the cranium area and this part of the head was white. The eyes were large and frog-like. He wore a one-piece type of suit that was shiny like satin, with the top being purple with large pockets. Its hands were in its pockets so the girls didn’t see what they looked like. He held a small pipe in his mouth, which he was blowing, making a shrill sound. At first the girls thought these were people dressed in Halloween costumes, but as they got closer they soon realized they were not and the girls had never seen anything like them before. They were definitely not people. The oldest girl became very frightened and fearing that they were going to grab her, yelled to the other girls to run.

They all ran into the field but it was muddy and slippery so they stopped on the edge. When they looked back, the strange beings had disappeared. The father reported this encounter to the UFO Reporting Center run by a Bob Gribble. An investigator was sent out to talk to them and the girls were still very shaken up by the incident when they were interviewed. What I think makes this case more credible is the fact that the beings were seen independently by the father and not just the three teenagers. This encounter was very unusual even in ufology and has yet to be explained.

If you think about it, these beings sound very similar to descriptions of gnomes or elves in fairy tales. Magical creatures such as gnomes, fairies, and elves have fascinated people for centuries and stories of them still enchant us. Books and movies and games abound with these creatures. The Beanfield humanoid case does seem like something out of a fairytale, yet a little bit more bizarre and frightening. It is also similar to stories of the “Trickster,” an archetypical principle in the folklore and mythology of many cultures. The Trickster is a being with has a great degree of intelligence or possessing secret knowledge. They use their knowledge and power to play tricks on people or otherwise disobey normal rules and defy conventional behavior. With their bizarre clothing and behavior; these entities certainly fit that description.

If you take this event at face value that it really happened, you have to wonder…. What were they and how did they just appear and disappear out of nowhere? And why? Are they just part of the mythological pantheon; fitting somewhere between reality and ancient spirit beliefs? Obviously we really don’t have any concise answers. All we can do is come up with conjectures and theories. Maybe they stepped in from a different dimension or parallel universe that humans can’t see. It is said that these parallel realms are carefully hidden from humans but at certain times of the year the veil between those worlds is thinner and more accessible, such as during a full moon or at Halloween. The ancients have told us about such realms for hundreds of years. Given today’s research into quantum physics and parallel worlds, it seems plausible to my thinking. It is certainly fascinating to think that strange beings can drop in on us from out of nowhere at any time….and a little bit creepy.

So did this story creep you out? It sure did me! What do you think they could have been? Let me know! Also let me know if you would like more stories like these. There is a wide, weird world out there and Paranormal Muskegon would love to share these strange and mysterious stories with you. Thank you for watching the Muskegon Channel. Check back next time to see what Paranormal Muskegon has in store for you.

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Photo credit: Donald Johnson (witness) 1965. https://ufologie.patrickgross.org/ce3/1965-08-13-usa-renton.htm

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