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Jodi is going to expand your horizons this week a tad on dog blessed with an episode about cats!  Specifically, what it takes to assimilate a cat to a home with a dog or with other cats already present.  It can be a challenging time for both pets and pet owners who want to grow the family a little, but if you take a piece of Jodi's advice and listen for the pro tips she shares, you''ll be all set in no time and all your furry family will be getting along famously.




Easing your way in is the key as most would assume. But did you know that certain breeds of dogs will react differently to a new pet coming into a home?  It's true!  Breeds that were born to protect and serve warm up to new additions quicker than say a breed that was grown to chase and catch.  Something the average pet owner wouldn't even stop to consider.  There are also many dynamics to consider if you are moving in a new cat with a house that's already got a cat or two and how to negotiate the gradual introduction of the new animal to the pack. 

One thing to consider for any cat is a safe space. Sure, they are generally pretty good at finding one themselves, in the rafters somewhere, but a spot that divides part of the house can't be all that bad of an idea in the introductory stage of a new cat.  A baby gate is suggested.  Something the cat can easily jump over and get a moment away if need be. One things is for sure.  The shelters are overflowing with kitty's, so if you are in need of a lower maintenance forever friend, stop by one and consider adopting soon.

Our thanks to Clock's Timeless Pets and Must Love Dogs Pet Boutique in Grand Haven for their support of Dog Blessed on the Muskegon Channel. 

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