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The Black Tie for the Y!  In Muskegon, it's a great break from the seasonal doldrums and a reason for all of us to get out of the house and enjoy an elegant evening of purpose and fun to help those that work with the Muskegon YMCA in their amazing Livestrong program for those who have suffered from cancer.  It's not just an exercise program, it's a path to recovery where those who've been effected by cancer can "reclaim their health and begin to live again'.  To see the excitement for this program in the eyes of Ashley Brage first hand, it's an overwhelming experience.  


Ashley's excitement comes from witnessing first hand how this amazing program strengthens both body and soul in the recovery process. We've featured stories in the past about the Muskegon YMCA and the unique opportunity they have being "unattached" to their own fitness center.  The Muskegon YMCA is all over our community.  They make an outreach to where they are needed.  In senior communities, in schools, in neighborhoods and camps.  From their website - "Like almost 200 non-facility YMCAs across the country, we address current community health and wellness needs where they are most prevalent – at sites throughout the community. Our Y now serves over 10,000 individuals annually through outreach programs at over 25 sites throughout Muskegon County. YMCA core values of Caring, Honesty, Respect and Responsibility are woven into every policy and program."

The Black Tie for the Y event.  1st class all the way.  Appetizers, dinner, late night snacks, entertainment, raffles, prizes, auctions and more!  It's a big night.  It might even call for a "stay-cation" Downtown Muskegon and thankfully, there's a beautiful hotel attached to the ballroom!  The Delta by Marriot is the place and the evening will be awesome with purpose and dedication to anyone who needs the assistance of the Livestrong Program post cancer, regardless of their ability to pay.  It's an event as grand as this that we use as a way to help those in our community who need it most.  Amazing how we can make a party a life line and a reason to believe and achieve in Muskegon and we're always so proud to highlight occasions like this. 

To get your tickets for the Black Tie for the Y event CLICK HERE!  Many thanks to Ashley for the few minutes to share her passion and enthusiasm over the project and our thanks too to the Y for all they do to improve the quality of life for so many in Muskegon.