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Hey, hey, all you lovers of the weird, mysterious and strange, Paranormal Muskegon is back with some more weird stuff from the M-Files. This time I have few ghost stories that I think are really interesting because they were told to me by people who weren’t really into ghosts and because these are about ghost pets.


While not as widely talked about as far as the paranormal is concerned, it is believed that ghost dogs, cats or other pets, are actually pretty common; especially in the days immediately after a pet has passed on. This might be for the same reasons that people tend to see the ghosts of people after they pass, because our pets, or fur babies, are as beloved as our human loved ones. This first story comes to me from someone who was quite skeptical about the idea of ghosts but really couldn’t deny that somewhat strange happened. In it, they related that the presence of the family pet, a much-loved chocolate lab named Cookie, continued to be felt in the house days after she had passed. The owner said that early one morning, while she was still lying in bed, she heard the bedroom door swing open on its own. This was several days after Cookie had passed away. She heard something came in through the door that was unlatched. There were no windows open and no one else was in the house. When she turned around to look, there was nothing there but had the feeling that it was Cookie. This happened for several more days, then it completely stopped.

But it’s not just ghost dogs that seem to be able to haunt places. There are also ghost cats and apparently, like living cats, they enjoy their owner’s company even in the afterlife. They have been known to jump on the bed, scratch at the bedclothes, curl up next to them, or brush up against their legs as in this next story. A woman, who works for a cleaning service related an incident that happened in a vacant apartment after the tenant, and older woman, had moved out. She could tell that there had been a cat living there at one time. She was cleaning the rugs when she felt something softly step on her feet and brush up against her ankles, even though there was nothing there. Having cats of her own, she was very familiar with their ways of getting attention like this and she somehow sensed that this was the spectral presence of a cat and while this incident surprised her, she wasn’t frightened by it.

In another story, a maintenance worker cleaning the third floor of a renovated 100-year old building; claimed that one day while working he spotted the shadowy figure of a large white cat glide across the room and disappear through a closed door. There was no one else in the building at the time and no cats. He got scared and immediately left. None of the current tenants in the building owned a cat, although a former tenant did. Even though he didn’t believe in ghosts, he knew what he saw and felt certain this was no earthly cat.

Considering that ghosts of people are said to become attached to people, places and things; it seems reasonable that ghost dogs and cats might also. Perhaps they stay around wondering when their humans are coming home. Actually I think a ghost dog might make a pretty good watchdog, especially if it howls. That would certainly scare away any burglars. A ghost cat may make a nice pet too. They would keep ghost mice away, there would be no litter to clean up and since it can walk through walls; no need to get up in the middle of the night to let it out. The one drawback would be its sad meow when they hear the can-opener and you have no ghost tuna to feed it.
Thank you for watching the Muskegon Channel. See you next time on Paranormal Muskegon.

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