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Let's say you have a dog.  Chances are, if you are watching this, you do.  Let's say too that getting a response out of your dog isn't always what you had hoped for.  Jodi Jarvis-Therrian has some ideas this week on Dog Blessed that will help you along that road to living the best life possible with your pet, and in the process, your pet won't even know that they are in "Dog Blessed University." 


The trick is in the approach to learning new behaviors.  Is there a way that you can take teachable moments and make them fun and rewarding?  Jodi shows you one amazing example of something she's working on with her old buddy Olaf to make things a little easier when asking a pet to do something that might feel foreign to them.  Her example shown compared to what might be thought of as "taking control" of a situation, especially when it's not an emergent situation.  To ease into an expected behavior is the idea this week and to make it a trained behavior that's rewarded will lower the anxiety from the beginning and it will also help you bind with your pet past the "master/servant" role.

Jodi offers such an amazing and well rounded skills set with animals.  She's here weekly and can also help you in groups or one on one.  Visit the Dog Blessed website to learn more.  We'd be nowhere either without our magnificent sponsors.  Clock Timeless Pets and Must Love Dogs Pet Boutique in Grand Haven have been here since day one, and please, support those who support our programming.  We're so proud to be able to bring you local and relevant television on the Muskegon Channel. 

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