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Whether you felt it was good, bad, or a mix; 2023 is said and done and 2024 is just getting started and with it brings a new focus and energy. Generally, at this time there is good potential for positive energy, enabling greater self-expression, ability to better explore our own creative potential as well as an increased sense of well-being. The will to be who we really are comes into focus now leading to new levels of vitality and wisdom. It is prime time for slow, steady progress towards far-reaching goals, although we may feel a bit frustrated over what seems to be a slow process and it is a great time to make plans for the future, as these will be realistic and workable.

Remember when we talked about Pluto in Aquarius? Well, on January 22nd, it will be back in that sign where it will stay for the next 20 years, with the exception of making a final retrograde back into Capricorn on September 1, 2024, returning to Aquarius on November 19, 2024. So buckle up folks. To be sure, whatever sign Pluto is in gets shaken up, so if something is rotten or no longer needed, Pluto will eliminate it to leave space for new growth. It won’t be easy, but take heart, this process is very much needed and will be totally worth it in the long run. It is Pluto’s role is to eliminate that which can no longer sustain life. At the personal level, it helps eliminate that which is no longer working in our lives and helps us to realize our true personal power. At the communal level, Pluto will expose what no longer works for the collective by eliminating that which is corrupted or toxic; so that society can grow stronger and we can build a better foundation and infrastructure for humanity as a whole.


And here is the forecast for the individual signs:

Aries: At this time career advancements are possible with the opportunity for greater responsibility and commitment. This is a good time to take stock of your goals and direction, especially as it relates to public recognition.

Taurus: Financial issues stemming from legal partnerships may come into focus at this time. You may seem to act unconsciously during this period, as issues which may have been buried resurface.

Gemini: This may be a time of major changes, as you reap the benefits of your connections with others. You may also run into deep feelings that become the foundation for important changes in your life.

Cancer: Spiritual ideals are important to you now, and you may feel the urge to reshape your thinking on these aspects of your life. As you do, you are forming a good foundation for future success.

Leo: The fruits of your actions in the public domain will be your focus for a time. It is a good time to envision new possibilities for yourself, and to focus on your ideals for social progress.

Virgo: With your creative urges blossoming and you further your artistic reach, you may find that your dynamic imagination produces noticeable results. This is also a great time to celebrate just being yourself.

Libra: During this time you may become aware that certain mannerisms and actions are influenced by past experiences that you hold onto. This is an excellent time to probe into and transform these personality aspects.

Scorpio: You may be more responsive and creative at this time, perhaps achieving stunning success but it is important to use this available energy constructively, rather than waste it on idle pursuits.

Sagittarius: This is an excellent time to re-examine your values. There is a focus on the material world and being a good steward of the resources you have at your disposal. Your efforts should be focused on the proper use of these resources.

Capricorn: Because your will is strongly highlighted now, there may be a tendency to drive yourself at this time or to lead others. There is also potential for great energy and strength.

Aquarius: During this time, you may be very inner focused, seeing a fading away of outdated perceptions and modes of behavior. Growth implies change; the breaking down of the old in order to make way for new outlooks.

Pisces: The results of your actions in the community forum will come into view. This is an excellent time to imagine new opportunities for you and focus on your ideals for social progress within that realm.

Well that wraps up another Star report. Check back next month to see what the stars have in store for us in February! Until then, Please Remember…“The stars impel they do not compel and what you do is really up to you.” Namaste. Thanks for watching the Muskegon Channel! See you next time on Muskegon by the Stars!

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