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When Tammy Cunningham isn't busy being a career woman, mom, wife, BFF to half the city and working in the modeling industry, she decided that it would be a great way for her to advocate on behalf of her personal experience with fostering and adoption.  What's wrong with adding one more little thing right?  She's got a lot going on already, but like anyone who's beliefs are so deep about her passions, she's willing to go to the mat because from her experience, the life changing difference that can be made through fostering and adoption....it's more than just the kids who are the beneficiaries.  It's families, and it's entire communities. 


Tammy's story of fostering and adoption began in some pretty serious circumstances.  Seeing a moment of hopelessness in the lives of a couple of kids, the inspiration came over her and her husband that it was time to take a step that most never imagined to be a part of changing lives, for good, forever.  Beginning as fosters, they soon found the girls part of the family and they knew that a family of 6 is how they were meant to be.  Notice in there is didn't say "knew that a perfect family of 6 with rainbows and unicorns all over the place where there are no problems and you can hear zip-a-de-doo-da on the music system all day?"  Well, that's because it's not perfection that's needed in fostering and adoption.  It's love, compassion and empathy.  It's commitment, understanding and the willingness to see that the lives of one or two, when amplified across generations change the world and that it begins with people like Tammy who say, "Yes, I can."

The path to the Mrs. Michigan competition is our chance to help her out some.  Support of this endeavor can be as simple as a sponsorship.  You can also line up a meet and greet with Tammy at your business.  Maybe have her in for a few hours on an afternoon and give her the chance to speak to the public, draw some customers in to your place and brush up on those essential skills she'll need when she reaches the stage in Plainwell where the competition is held.  She's an inspiring individual and a great example for young, strong women who are driven to make a difference just as she has.  

There are a few ways to connect, EMAIL TAMMY HERE.  You can also find her her FACEBOOK PAGE and INSTAGRAM.  If you'd like to know more about fostering and adoption, or maybe you'd like to know more about her drive to make all of Michigan a little more aware of the importance of her mission all while representing Muskegon with true passion, pride and devotion to family and community.  


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