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The Bling Thing!  Imagine a community so smart, so inventive and so focused on the idea of making things happen in their own community that even old jewelry can become a fundraiser for some of the most essential things any community hold dear?  Well, Muskegon has figured out how to do it and the Friends of the Hackley Library hosts the sale at the Barclay Place Events Center February 9th and 10th. 


Barb Klingenmaier was the first to bring this event to out attention.  We go all the way back to 2017 with Barb when the event was in it's 6th year.  Like any great idea, The Bling Thing continues to grow, more people get involved and the chance for those who wish to support a great cause and have a great time doing it continues to gain momentum.  Building success out of an idea is an area that we excel in, and not many communities are better at it than Muskegon.  Joe Zappacosta From the Hackley Public Library is also here to talk about the incredible benefit the Friends bring to the library. 

There's a variety of everything.  You can get there early on Friday the 9th for their opening gala.  It's a $15 admission and it includes wine and chocolate and best of all, you get the first crack at everything that's been donated.  From the high priced estate jewels to the more affordable everyday wear and the costume jewelry, you get the pick.  Not to mention the selection of the coast, shoes, bags and more...so from some of the best names in fashion at the lowest prices.  Saturday, the sale opens at 10a and is a free admission to the public where you can shop till you drop knowing that the funds go to benefit the historic Hackley Public Library and the programming that they put on to enhance and support literacy and education in Muskegon.  About 12:15....everything at The Bling Thing is half off if you really want to wait for the "deals".

From their website - "Friends of Hackley Public Library is a nonprofit organization established in 1973 to support Hackley Public Library, stimulate interest in reading and literacy, help promote the Library’s services, and enhance the cultural life of the Muskegon, Michigan, area community. We are an active group of community volunteers with a strong 40-plus year history of successful fundraising for library projects and programs."  They are also major players in the preservation and future of the Torrent House right across the street, which is a part of the library, and is under renovation now with some more firm plans coming, hopefully in the summer of 2024. 

The Bling thing is a fun and unique way to accomplish a few things.  Gathering, supporting and enhancing community by supporting the Hackley Public Library.  The Friends of the Hackley Library do an amazing amount of good and to help share their work is an important part of all we do.  Our thanks to Barb and her team for inviting us back once again.  



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