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Well, the groundhog has come and gone and he's predicted an early spring.  However, with the exception of Kolton Woods who does Muskegon Channel's weather, have you ever met a forecaster that was right?  Us either. Jodi is here this week with some awesome tips and ideas that you can use to help your dogs out in the winter months, which could very well go into April....because, Michigan.....we're sure you get it.


One of the first things that will jump out at you, walking your dog in the winter.  It can be a training exercise as much as an adventure as Jodi explains this week.  Being observant while walking your dog, you can make suggestions by seeing what they are walking on and the pace at which to walk. The idea of "slow slow slow" on ice in the winter, repeated often can apply to moments of needed caution, year round.  Then, speaking of walking...what about ice reduction chemicals on roads and walks?  Licking paws isn't recommended.  What temperature is too low to allow for paws to touch the ground?  Answers all found here.  

Dog Blessed is a weekly feature on the Muskegon Channel and it's brought to you by Must Love Dogs Pet Boutique in Grand Haven as well as Clock's Timeless Pets.  Visiting the Dog Blessed website will give you more access to things Jodi and her team have to help you enjoy the best life with your pet.  From training opportunities to meet up's and useful products, they are all right there.  

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