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As if we didn't have enough to buy greetings cards for, we now have National Pet Dental Helath Month.  Ok, it might be a Hallmark Holiday, however Jodi is here this week to explain the necessity of proper dental care for your pet as well as dispell some common misconceptions as to what is really an effective treatment for cleaning those choppers, here we go! 


It's a shocker isn't it? To hear that the main idea that's pushed over pet dental health isn't really all that effective.  So, with that thought it works to our advantage very much to have a well trained and certified pet expert here to help discuss what actually works when it comes to dental care of your pet.  Like most anything we've learned in 96 episodes now, it's about comfort and routine with pets.  Reminding your self of the importance of developing itinerance and following through with your pet.  There are some tools that can help you ease into the idea of brushing pet's teeth as well as some ways to graduate up to different appliances you can use to help do the job most effectively with both dogs and cats.  

If you'd really like an immersive experience in pet dental health, Must Love Dogs in Grand Haven is having a seminar Monday night!!  CLICK HERE for more details.  

We're thankful to both Clock's Timeless Pets and Must Love Dogs Pet Boutique in Grand Haven for their support of Dog Blessed.  

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