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Right out of the stating blocks this week, you are going to be rewarded by being a pet owner!  Congratulations on that!  Jodi comes right out with some cold hard facts about you and your pet, especially if it's a dog, and just how that relationship is paying off incredibly already just by you being together!  There are also more incredible tips on how you and your pet can extend that symbiotic wellness relationship this week!


The walking is the instant benefit. Yep, just the effort of that daily walk is a great way to keep your heart beating and those paws pumping.  However, those who have spent their time with us here on the Muskegon Channel and have seen an episode or two of Fit and Healthy With Becky will tell you, it's about the entire body and that goes for your dog too.  The energy that comes from a brisk walk or playing in the yard is great, but keep in mind some of the areas that might not get the focus that is needed.  Those back legs which can be part of hip issues as dogs age.  They need to be kept strong.  How about the midsection and chest?  Just like in humans, the core is the central part of all that keeps is in balance.  Side to side motions in the front with a ladder type exercise device?  Not to mention, doggie bikini weather coming soon!  This is an important episode to watch closely.

This brings us to some group opportunities.  Jodi is going to be hosting some fun group walks!!  The DOG BLESSED WALKING CLUB.  It's going to be a fin way to get together with others, socialize pets and do a good deal of that working out we've been talking about.  The first walk kicks off at the CBD Store of Michigan in Fremont.  Also Jodi is on Etsy!  There's an entire catalog of cool things on there!  TAKE A LOOK AT THE DOG BLESSED ETSY SHOP!

Our thanks to Clock's Timeless Pets and Must Love Dogs Pet Boutique in Grand Haven for their support of Dog Blessed on the Muskegon Channel.

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