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If you are a responsible pet owner, we're going to assume you knew it was "Responsible Pet Owners Month".  If you are a responsible pet owner who didn't know it's "Responsible Pet Owners Month" well, that will cost you a couple of treats...and we mean the good ones, like Jodi talks about and gives Olaf all the time.  How about some great practical advice that you my not otherwise think of this week on Dog Blessed?  Brought to you by Must Love Dogs pet boutique in Grand Haven and Clock's Timeless Pets. 


Responsible pet ownership can be any number of factors.  Jodi, comes into the idea with a bag full of ideas this week that even the most astute pet owner might not think of.  Journaling your pet's "regular" things.  How about breathing rates, heart rates, temperature and more?  Important.  Proper tags if the pet is going to be outside and might get away.  Phone numbers on there along with their name and the owners name?  Are you keeping the records of their visits to the vet?  How about the record of their accomplishments of they compete in anything?  This episode is just full of superstar pointers and ideas that will help your relationship with your pet last longer and be more beneficial to you and them!

Jodi also would like you to know about her Etsy Store!  DOGBLESSEDCREATIONS is on Etsy and it's a great way to get some of the products that are mentioned in the video's you see with Jodi and they are amazingly good assistive assets to keeping all of that information in one spot for easy reference.  

Our thanks to Clock's Timeless Pets and Must Love Dogs Pet Boutique in Grand Haven for their support of Dog Blessed on the Muskegon Channel. 

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