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There's a minute or two of history and shared stories about to happen.  Jeff Brinn is an amazing accomplished photographer who I go back with to almost the beginning of my career.  Jeff and I have been in places that most don't get to be a part of and through our work have shared some times that we've expressed in different ways over the years.  I try to share the stories, and honestly, it's getting harder to do.  All that was....it's hard to talk about without sounding like a name dropper or braggart.  I really struggle.  Jeff on the other hand, was behind the camera and of all those experiences, he's got the photo proof and he's opening it to the public for the first time March 8th at the Doo Gallery!


The Doo Gallery is in the lower level of Fricano's Muskegon Lake Location and the exhibit opens March 8th.  It's an eclectic space for creators and those wishing to share or maybe sell some artwork.  The unveiling of Excessive Images will catalog the career of Jeff that goes back into the late 80's up till the present.  Jeff has been in the pit for it all.  From some of the biggest names in the music industry to those who are just getting their start and then have gone on to massive and world-wide fame, they have been seen through Jeff's lenses.

One of the arts of Jeff's work is networking.  Believe it or not, the music and live entertainment world is a fairly small one.  Jeff's ability to get to know the players that are not necessarily on stage have helped his ability to capture images that no one else can get.  There's an art to being a photographer at these shows.  It's a skill that builds over time and to be able to find the right people who can get you where no other photographer can be, when the time is right has been one of Jeff's specialties.  

To capture the image that is the moment is Jeff's goal.  He wants you to feel the crush of being right at the barrier between the crowd and the stage or to see the depth in the eyes of the star who's just starting out and has a fresh slate of forever in front of them.  You are welcome to join the fun of the opening of the exhibit March 8th from 7-9p or you can stroll through the Doo Gallery as it runs there after.  There will be live entertainment from Nathan Walton and Shelby that evening and some remarkably cool things and memories to talk about!!  Congrats to Jeff and a thank you as well, for the years of friendship in some of the sweatiest and loudest places anywhere.  Follow JEFF BRINN PHOTOGRAPHY ON FACEBOOK.

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