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There's an exciting announcement this week!  Our dear friend Olaf has been bitten by the acting bug and is on his way to the stage at Muskegon Catholic Central to star as "Sandy" in the upcoming production of "Annie".  The buzz from media outlets like Entertainment Tonight and TMZ so far has been incredible and as the opening date draws closer, Muskegon will certainly see an uptick in paparazzi...so please take not that there might be camera's, satellite trucks and maybe even an appearance by Ryan Seacrest.


Ok, so we might not hear "Seacrest Out" in person, however, stepping on to a stage is a big moment for anyone. It's a big moment for a pet too.  The focus this week from Jodi is helping you help your pet get familiar with something new before you go "all in" on it.  There may be levels of "something new".  A new park?  Probably easy to figure out for a pet.  However...a stage?  Lights, music, new people, new sounds?  There's an awful lot that needs to be considered when it comes to immersion in an environment that most people find an intimidating setting let alone a pet.  Be it a new adventure in an unfamiliar place or a new experience with people that the pet has yet to meet, giving your pet a fair advantage by testing things out before you ask them to perform is an amazing way to develop trust and companionship.  Not to mention, like in the case of Jodi and Olaf here, it provides more to experience together and that's what Dog Blessed is all about.  Lights, camera, action!  We'll see you at Annie!

Our thanks to Clock's Timeless Pets and Must Love Dogs Pet Boutique for their sponsorship of Dog Blessed on the Muskegon Channel! 

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