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It's called the "Premiere Talent Show Along the Lakeshore" and it's a fitting title, but it's such an expansive program and time honored tradition here in Muskegon that it's really so much more.  It's a reason to celebrate the young people who share talent that reaches into the arts and academics of their high school careers and yes, there's room for athletics too, and over 30 area schools convene on the Frauenthal Center on March 20th and 21st to show off their achievers.



Carla Flanders of CMF Marketing and Events is part of the team of organizers of this event now nearly 43 years strong.  We met at the Art Gallery as it's being hung at the Frauenthal Center to talk about this unique program that brings together the talents of students from Muskegon, Ottawa, Oceana, Newaygo, and Mason Counties to share the remarkable stage and show off some talents that are pretty advanced compared to what most of us probably remember in school.  Sure, there were some stand out kids we could play instruments well or some great artists when I went to school, and if there were any real "hidden gems" they didn't run in my circles.  Today's kids however....they seem to be a little more adventurous, a little more bold....maybe even a little more encouraging of their peers to shine as brightly as they can, as soon as they can.  All of that goes on display for us to be a part of here in Muskegon.

In categories like academics, athletics, digital media arts, literary arts, performing arts and visual arts the amazing talents of our next generation get to be shown and juried.  An amazing group of sponsors who have supported this even have a pool of $10,000 for students to win for their talents.  The money and recognition is awesome, the ability to be on that stage or in the gallery at the Frauenthal are equally if not maybe a little more important.  It's a remarkable feeling, to walk out on that stage.  I have done it myself a time or two and from the last final seconds when your behind the curtain waiting for the lights to go down, till you take that first step out....the feeling of being overcome by everyone else who's ever shared that stage, it's pretty real.  It might be a once in a lifetime experience for the participants, it might be the first step of a million more just like it.  That's the beauty of the opportunity.

To see all of this live, it's as simple as getting your tickets for one, or both nights.  Both nights are unique experiences as they are completely different programs.  CLICK HERE to get your tickets to one or both nights and know that if you do go the two night way, you get a discount.  Buying tickets supports this event, which supports our kids.  It's a smart investment. 

Our very best to the competitors and our thanks to the wonderfully dedicated team who helps spotlight the amazing young people of our community in the West Michigan Student Showcase


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