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Not long ago, we introduced you to Ken Lepere and talked about his first musical production The Neil Diamond Legacy.  He put the show together with local Muskegon musicians and debuted the show at the Frauenthal Center in March of 2022.  Since, the show has gone on to play all over Michigan and even out of state.  A cover band?  No way.  It's a show on par with what you'd find at a resort or a casino.  It's an evening filled with music done to perfection, visuals and staging that set the mood and above all, it pushes musicians to be better and work in ways they might not be normally accustomed to.  Branch out from their normal gigs and let their talents shine in more than one format.  The Neil Diamond Legacy show is established, and like any developer, it's time to grow.  Next up?  The Rhythm is Gonna Get Ya, debuting at the Frauenthal Center on June 6th.  There's a mission behind this show too.



Ken builds these shows with our local musicians.  Like any act, they rehearse for long and hard hours....you'll see that in the video.  When things are jivin' they bring the show to life for a purpose where ever they play.  To Ken and his lovely wife Patty, music is only a connector.  It's the spark that can bring community together in so many ways that nothing else can.  The communal experience, the enjoyment of all the hits people are familiar and comfortable with and no matter where the road takes them, they find a way to give back to the community that welcomes the show by partnering with a non profit to support the work they do, and in Muskegon Every Woman's Place is the beneficiary this time. 

Every Woman's Place is the shelter for those who have survived domestic or sexual assault.  Their work has been going on for almost 50 years in Muskegon and while that's a milestone worth celebrating, there has to be an acknowledgment of the reality of why they are there.  Abuse of any kind, to any one is intolerable and the stories that come out of EWP often begin with the most horrific situations, and then turn into lasting triumphs for those who survived their darkest hours.  The support from the community is essential and to see the investment come as it does from Ken and the band is humbling.

On to the show!  Like the 80's and early 90's?  You're in luck!  To steal a cliché - "You'll pay for the seat, but you'll be dancing in the aisles".  Music from incredible bands like,  Earth, Wind and Fire, Phil Collins, Toto, Miami Sound Machine, Motown, Santana, The Doobie Brothers, Steely Dan and many more! When you see this great show, one thing is for certain . . . The Rhythm Is Gonna Get You!  BOOM!  It's going to be a night to gather for a great cause and enjoy the sounds of the all star band.

GET YOUR TICKETS!  This is the launch of another Muskegon original that will take the Muskegon ability to combine a great time with an incredible purpose and show the rest of the world that, that purpose and pleasure can mix and that people like Ken and his band have just the right way to have the rhythm get ya.  Enjoy the extended video this time and hear some of the rehearsal going on for the show! 

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