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The stage at the Frauenthal is a revered space for anyone to walk out on. The historic theater is filled with memories and lore and houses the memories of so many from those who went there to see movies for a dime to those who have performed in a local or national production.  When our local students get to be on that stage, I often wonder if they understand just how incredible of a step they are taking when they take it.  They might be caught up in the moment at the time, but I know this too.  They will once day look back and say "I performed there".  So will be said by the North Muskegon Choir students after this weekend and you're invited.



The Norse Connection is a musical performance focused around color!  What a perfect theme for a spring concert.  Marilyn Gaston and Emma Persicke join me to talk about the very unique program that North Muskegon offers involving their choir.  It's a combination of high school and middle school and the older kids take a role in helping the younger kids acclimate and succeed in their talents.  Marilyn says she particularly enjoys her time as a "teacher" in the choir program to watch that spark ignite in students just a little younger than herself and leaving a legacy in the program.  Led by Choir Director Beth Slimko you'll get a chance to see a true cut of rehearsal at the end of our chat in the video today.

We believe in supporting the arts for young people.  It's an essential part of growing up to create something and work as a group and to be able to do that on a stage, in front of a crowd and under the lights, it's more than just a group sing-a-long.  It's a complex endeavor of remembering lines, moves and how it is to make them all come together under a small amount of pressure.  Theses are essential skills and when applied later in life, it might be only singing a baby to sleep, or it could be a speaking role at a conference or presentation, but they have been there before thanks to the arts. 

Tickets are on sale, and from what I overheard, both show are at about 3/4 sold out.  So, that gives you the opportunity to GET YOUR TICKETS HERE and enjoy the show Thursday or Friday night at our historically beautiful theater in Downtown Muskegon.  Supporting our schools includes the arts as much as athletics and when you stick around to see the rehearsal of the opening number, you'll see the hard work that's going in to this years show from the Norse....it's going to be spectacular.  

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