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Yes, the article again begins with OPA!  The hearty and excitement filled Greek expiative expressing joy, gratitude and elation because a growing festival filled with friends, food, tradition and purpose is to be celebrated.  The Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church on Pontaluna Road in Fruitport is inviting you out to the Greek Fest July 12th and 13th.


The festivities encompass something for everyone.  The Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church is a very inviting congregation built on traditional, stable practices that don't swerve all over trying to keep up with todays trends.  In that, families find that they are in a place of worship that is inclusive, reverent and ancient.  The Greek Orthodox faith goes back to the Byzantine Empire as Father Joe Gingirch points out in todays discussion.  To stick to the message and maintain that atmosphere of inclusion is where he believes his congregation continues to thrive.  Inside the church, it's an almost overwhelming experience to see all of the magnificent art and the ample space for gatherings is another great asset.

Like any church, it's a building.  It's the people that make a church community thrive.  Liz Danigelis and Maria Ruegsegger are two of the "Church Ladies" that help make this community thrive and grow.  You may snicker at the term "Church Lady", it's ok.  The reality is these women take care of so much.  From a big festival and all of the planning and logistics that it takes to pull off to preparing for a visit from the Bishop of the Diocese, they are the ones who devote their time as a sacrifice to make the community better.  They are admirable and committed and what they can cook, well....that's the reason to attend on July 12th and 13th.

From Souvlaki to Baklava the homemade delicacies are mouthwatering and inviting.  The "beverage tents" will not only include regional beers but samplings of Ouzo and other potent potables.  There will be amazing traditionally Greek dancing, a Greek marketplace, an enhanced kids area and even hotdogs for those who's palates have not graduated to the flavors of the Mediterranean.  Meals are available to dine in or carry out for $15 bucks and kids eat for a $5 spot.  You can't beat it.

You get to be Greek for a day.  Will you get to break a plate and yell "OPA!"  Head there and find out.    CLICK HERE to visit the OPA Greek Fest Website!

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