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If you're of a certain age, you probably remember packing everything and everyone you can into the car with blankets, kids were probably in their pajamas and mom and dad waiting for mother nature to dim the lights at sunset to get the show rolling at the drive in theater!  The little speaker hanging from the window....the sounds of kids running around on the playground....that hut....right in the middle of it all showing movies in every direction on massive screens...that somehow become invisible once it's dark out.  The night air settles in the show gets underway and with any luck.. the kids are asleep in the back before the second feature starts.  


 Yes, it was once common place for a drive in theater to be in any town.  As time has worn on tho, they are fewer and far between. In Muskegon however, that tradition continues on and the chance to be part of the fun outdoors is still there for hundreds who show up every week from near and far to enjoy a night out at the Getty 4 Drive In in Muskegon.  There have been some rumblings in the past about our drive in, but those have long settled and Celebration Cinema has enjoyed a resurgence of the audience for the shows!

 The Getty 4 has adapted to the changes in technology too!  That old speaker that you took a chance on working or not, well, it's still there but the sound is also delivered on an FM signal that you can listen to on your car stereo, or a pair of headphones!  (Never thought of the headphone idea till just now). 

 As the lead photo says, April 14th is the opening night of the Getty 4 in Muskegon.  I was able to catch up with Thomas Bitson from Celebration Cinema to talk about opening night, the first features that will be shown and how much West Michigan loves the nostalgic feeling of the "good old days" at the drive in.  Take a listen to our talk below!



A great time for anyone and a really great experience to share with your kids.  I think back...far as I can and can distinctly remember the movies I saw at a drive in.  "The Apple Dumpling Gang"  "Every Which Way But Loose" and in as much as I can't remember the feature I was taken to....I remember watching "Stripes" out the back window of the car I was in...talk about contraband for an 11 year old at the time.  Plan a night out this summer at the Getty 4 Drive in in Muskegon.  Bring the kids, bring some friends and neighbors and let them make the memories you hold so dear.  The hot summer nights are not far off in Muskegon.  We'd love to have you out for a night you won't find anywhere else for miles and miles!  For more details on the Getty 4 and Celebration Cinema, click on their logo below!