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It's a coveted prize.  The Celebrated Service Award is offered by Celebration Cinema in the markets they have theaters in and annually, so of the best of the best in the area bide for the prize.  This year, in Muskegon the spotlight is on the Getty Street Grill for their dedication to excellent food, customer service beyond compare and a team of employees who truly understand that a nice meal out is so much more than the food.  A trip into the Getty Street Grill is like being served by family and it's evident in a hurry why on weekends you usually find a line out the door to get in there and enjoy a great breakfast or lunch.


We've covered the award winners in the past between Positively Muskegon and now the Muskegon Channel, but this year we thought it might be a good idea to get the word out that the "tagging" season is beginning and that Celebration Cinema Employees are going to be out on the street...soon...looking for that awesome experience to hand someone the tag, which just happens to be a movie ticket too, and get them in the running for the award! 

It's an extension of Celebration Cinema's mission to provide the best experience possible from the minute you walk into the theater, till the end of the credits and you're back out the door.  Striving to make your entertainment better every time you enter.  Well, there are other business in the area who share the same values and strengths, so Celebration Cinema chooses to highlight them for their dedication.  If you've been to Cinema Carousel or The Plaza 1 and 2 lately, you've seen the promotion for Getty Street Grill.  Did you know that that clip runs before every movie...at both theaters for a year?  Think of the promotion and value they get for just getting it right.  It's priceless in it's reach and truly a great way to honor a local business.

How do you get nominated?  Well, be on your "A Game" all the time.  Celebration Cinema employees are all armed with a "tag" that they can pass along to a business they are in that exceeds expectations, once tagged you're in the hunt to become a finalist and the public vote begins.  Thomas Bitson of Celebration Cinema joined me at Cinema Carousel to talk about the nomination process that's opening right now.  Take a listen to how it works and how you can be part of the excitement of the nominations and awards.  




If you run a small business like Getty Street Grill or maybe you've got a little bit bigger of an operation, now's the time to get with the staff and polish up your customer serivce skills.  The crew from Celebration Cinema is out on the street looking for those who provide Celebrated Service and next year, it might very well be you up on the big screen showing the rest of the world how to get it right and provide the level of service that's deserving of an award of such magnitude!  To learn more, you can click on the Celebrated Service Award logo below!  Good Luck!