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I will be the first to admit....I don't get it.  I don't understand the Rocky Horror Picture Show, I don't think I have ever seen it in it's entirety and that's beside the point.  I do know that there are generations of fans who LOVE the experience and all that comes with the Rocky Horror Picture Show and that many people can't be wrong.  So, I was intrigued enough when the invite came from Kevin Kilbry of The Denton High Drama Club reached out to see if we'd take a few minutes to talk about the upcoming production of the classic at the Harbor Cinema's located in Lakeside in Muskegon on August 19th. 

The Rocky Horror Picture Show first hit screens in 1975 and to quote Wikipedia "The story centers on a young engaged couple whose car breaks down in the rain near a castle where they seek a telephone to call for help. The castle is occupied by strangers in elaborate costumes celebrating an annual convention. They discover the head of the house is Frank N. Furter, an apparent mad scientist who actually is an alien transvestite who creates a living muscle man in his laboratory. The couple is seduced separately by the mad scientist and eventually released by the servants who take control."

Critics first panned the film for the most part, but over time, fans began to interact with the film at the midnight showings and dressing up like the characters in the film.  They act out what's on the screen, thus the "shadowcast" experience and if you can believe it or not, The Rocky Horror Picture Show is still in limited release and after 4 decades, it's the longest running movie in film history.  Amazing!

All the history aside, we're here to talk about something fun to do in Muskegon and starting on August 19th at Harbor Cinemas you have the chance to relive the fun, or experience it for the first time.  Kevin Kilbry joined me in the lobby to tell me a little more about it, take a listen.

First time or the next time...which ever you are seeing The Rocky Horror Picture Show head in with an open mind, be ready to laugh and help support the actors of The Denton High Drama Club.  We're proud to help shine a light on things happening in Muskegon and if you could use a night out with some laughs check it out.