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It was a one time occurrence.  It was an almost unheard of happening to get so many giants of their industry into one room and it's only happened a handful of times since, and it could be argued that it was never "topped" because of the people that came together one time at a studio in Memphis in 1956.  The People?  Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis and Elvis Presley.  The studio?  Sun Records.  The instigator?  Sam Phillips.  If you know anything about rock history....you are intrigued now. 

Well, that one session was not supposed to be recorded.  Even back then there were things like record contracts and lawyers, but.. Sam Phillips did manage to hit record and the one time all four power house players were in the studio together, was captured in time.  Even I have "Down By The Riverside" on my Ipod because it was such a monumental coming together.  How do you NOT have that around?

Today, the memory lives on in a rock musical coming to the Frauenthal Center March 3rd.  It's appropriately called "The Million Dollar Quartet".  The performers actually play their real instruments....they are actually the singers....they are in character and as the show builds to it's electrifying ending...the lives of Johnny, Carl, Elvis and Jerry are shared leading right up to the moment they all started jamming out that December night in Memphis!

I had a chance to site down and talk with "Elvis" himself... Daniel Durston plays Elvis in the show.  Daniel is a pretty well established touring musician with some time in musical theater, some singing and song writing credits of his own...which by the way....are really good... check out Daniel Durstononline.  We talked a little about his background, what got him into musical theater and what to expect from this awesome night coming up at the Frauenthal.  Take a listen to our chat below!


It's a great show for the entire family and to think we get one night with it in Muskegon....it's a can't miss!  If you were a fan from way back or, you'd like to take the kids out to show them how it's really done without the "autotune" and all of today's modern techno mumbo jumbo they listen to....don't miss the show!  Our many thanks to the Frauenthal for the the hand setting up the interview and their great sponsorship of our work, as well as Daniel Dunston for taking a few minutes out of his day to talk about the show and his career!