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Louie Anderson.  A name long familiar with stand up comedy, movies, television and books is bringing his show for one night only to the Frauenthal Center in Muskegon on March 9th! 

For 40 years now, beginning with an early discovery with Henny Youngman which led to an invitation from Johnny Carson and then on to the national platform with HBO Specials, Comedy Central, appearances in movies like "Coming to America" "Ferris Beuller's Day Off" Louie Anderson has found ways to continue his remarkable career not only as a stand up comic, but to extend that audience into all different age groups.  His animated series "Life With Louie" based on his own childhood is a multi award winning show, his books are best sellers including "Dear Dad - Letters From an Adult Child" and "Goodbye Jumbo - Hello Cruel World" and he's still making television shows..touring and keeping things to his Midwestern roots. 

Always with a note of innocence and warmth in his act, Louie has remained fresh and relevant over a long time by sticking to being himself..never forced into something he wasn't.  His reflections on being part of a large family, being a little imperfect in the day to day of life, and working toward making himself better while sharing the thoughts and struggles with others through laughter have been one of Louie's strong suits.  He's done everything from voice acting to game show hosting and at the end of the day, touring is still his favorite part of the gig.

Andy O'Riley had a chance to sit down and talk with Louie today.  You can take a listen to some of Louie's thoughts on his career and why he thinks the longevity is there.  What he's going coming around the corner, some of the things he didn't do along the way....including one HUGE movie that didn't work out due to scheduling...(huge moment...and you'll say you'll agree...Louie would have been perfect) and what we can expect in Muskegon March 9th.  Also...does Louie drop a hint about a MAJOR sequel or reboot? Take a listen.

How's that for cool!  Don't miss the show!  We get one night with legendary comedian Louie Anderson at the Frauenthal Center.  Friday March 9th.  There are still great seats available and you can get yours by clicking on the photo below or, stop in to the Frauenthal Center Box Office and grab some!  We'll plan on seeing you March 9th for Louie Anderson in Muskegon at the Frauenthal Center.