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Thu, May

Adventures With Jerry is Back!


A while ago, we introduced you to local artist and gamer Jerry Maxwell.  Jerry is a photographer, and he also loves to work in miniature and design some pretty remarkable things in his humble home in Muskegon Heights.  Jerry "went rogue" for a little while and we kind of lost touch.  Actually, Jerry had some life events pop up like we all do and just needed to take care of things at home....so he did.


Well, in his "down time", he decided to go a little bigger on what he's up to.  He's worked to make more than just a corner of his house a studio.  When we first met Jerry, he had an ideal little spot but he wanted to grow...so...he went big!

Jerry will continue to be Jerry.  We'll continue to pick up his adventures and share them with you.  There is a level of joy found in Jerry for the things he does that we can all learn from.  He's detailed in his art.  He's unassuming in his approach and he's one of the kind of guys Muskekegon should be famous for.  Here's a tour of Jerry's new studio on Adventures With Jerry on The Muskegon Channel.