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Darren McCarty Slapstick Comedy Tour in Muskegon To Benefit The Jr. Jacks Jan 18th


We're known for hockey in town.  Like really well known.  The storied history of the game here in town has been written about over and over and we continue to write the history, we also write the future.  Youth hockey in Muskegon is a big deal.  They start off as squirts and work their way up thru the ranks in to high school or travel teams and hopefully on to college, maybe the USHL and then on to the dream!  It's happened, and it's going to continue to happen.  We're "Hockeytown West" and that's the way it outta be!

Hockey is a tough sport to get into though.  It's a sport that required a lot of time, dedication and travel.  You've seen the commercials of the "hockey mom" sitting at the rink at 6a watching her kind play.  It's true.  It's also a bit of an expensive endeavor.  Sure, your schools basketball team can play with a ball some shorts and jerseys, but hockey take a lot of equipment that comes at the parents expense and let's not forget...they are kids...they are growing and the expense keeps on keeping on.  

Well, sure we can't help ever individual youth hockey player, but, we can support the organization that helps them compete.  The Junior Jacks are part of the Muskegon Lumberjacks and they support young hockey players all the way from "Learn to Skate" to the travel leagues.  They provide an inclusive atmosphere for young players and instill the values of sportsmanship and fair play.  They work to provide a sustainable business model to make sure that they are around a while to keep the pipeline of players moving and the parents and coaches involved are all dedicated to assuring that these kids have the best experience possible. 

Fundraising is always a part of this or any youth program.  But not everything is coupon books or candy bars when it comes to fundraising.  The Jr. Jacks are proud to welcome former Detroit Red Wing Darren McCarty and some friends to The Back Alley Comedy Club for a night of fun and fundraising!  The Darren McCarty Slapstick Comedy Tour makes a stop at the Back Alley on Friday January 18th.  You'll get some great live comedy, some fun stories from McCarty about his life and life in the NHL and more.  Tickets are still available and you're in for a great night if you get some!

Chad Addicott is with the Jr. Jacks and we met up to talk about the organization and mission as well as the fun event.  Take a listen.

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What an awesome night, and awesome cause!  The Jr. Jacks do a lot of good for young people and if you have not noticed yet... The Back Alley Comedy Club is coming on strong as a great place in Muskegon not only for entertainment, but a spot that's doing what they can to do the right thing for organizations that matter here in town.  Head out for a Friday night of laughs and purpose!  

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